Dark In Love Zephirah Steampunk Layered Skirt

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Stunning new gothic/Steampunk style open-fronted half-skirt by Dark In Love.
A unique and original design, utilising complimentary fabrics and thoughtful detailing to create a truly distinctive and individual look.
Using alternated tiers of contrasting fabrics, the design is highly adjustable and can be paired with skirts, leggings or a dress as an additional accessory and the addition of a petticoat can be used to accentuate shape and structure.
Fastening to the centre front of the PU leather-effect waistband with highly adjustable corset lacing with sateen ribbons, framed by a collection of custom cast decorative buttons invoking Steampunk influences, the front opening can be widened or tightened for comfort and effect.
Heavily embellished by tiered layers of pleated, ruffled stiff mesh and lace add volume and form to the outer shell, completed by a base layer of black PU cut to lower-thigh length with a straight, boxy hemline.
60% PU 40% Cotton. Please note that underskirt is not included.

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