Gothic clothing is at the black, bleeding heart of all that Violent Delights loves, lives and is truly inspired by.

Drawing influence and ingenuity from the dark, mysterious and romantic aspects of gothic fiction, music architecture and attitude, our collections are unrivalled in choice, style and quality. We work closely with original and innovative brands such as Punk Rave, Devil Fashion and Dark In Love to showcase only the most authentic and iconic designs encompassing the many subcultures and facets of fashion with their origins rooted in the dark side.

From the deepest of blacks to the clarets of blood-red wines, our selection of high quality lace, velvet, synthetic leathers and twills provide a tailored and richly refined base for intricate detailing and elaborate styling to create and craft a truly breath-taking, dramatic and edgy aesthetic that's steeped in darkness and sophistication.

Some believe that gothic fashion is influenced by art and culture... at Violent Delights, we hold true that Gothic Clothing IS the work of art itself.