About Us

About Violent Delights

Established in 2008, Violent Delights has evolved and expanded at every turn,  growing to become one of the UK's most coveted, go-to online destinations as a resource for genuine, unique clothing and accessories on the alternative fashion scene.

From humble beginnings as an eBay start-up focusing on locally sourced gothic and punk designers, we now take pride in being sole UK stockists of a wide range of imported exclusive brands, encompassing many established subcultures... and even innovating some new ones of our own.

Always fiercely independent and perpetually forward-thinking, in world where commerce and fashion are saturated by out-sourcing, automation and third-party fulfilment, Violent Delights stands clear of the crowd with end-to-end personalised, human customer relations and in-house distribution to ensure your experience will be unique and memorable.

This new incarnation of the flagship Violent Delights webstore is our boldest leap forward in terms of collections, content and features... we hope you will enjoy exploring it's treasures join us in unleashing it's true potential.

"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise I won't bore you." — Bowie