Regency & Aristocrat

From the refined elegance of Bronte-Esque high society to the Vampyric recesses of Castle Dracula, the regency-era aristocrat dressed to kill.

Our collection of early 19th century influenced designs for men and women draw equal inspiration from the works of Austen and Stoker to breathe new life into an unforgettable age in fashion with a 21st century twist.

With elaborately embroidered patterns, the finest fabrics, crafted tailoring and intricate lace embellishments bring a distinctive, distinguished effect to tailcoats and Morning Jackets, waistcoats, Poet Pirate shirts and cravats for men, while empire-waist dresses, and skirts, flowing velvet cloaks, coats &capes and Baroque-style blouses craft a regal sophistication womenswear.

Whether dressing for a formal occasion, LARP or the stage, our unparalleled variety of Regency Aristocrat clothing will leave you looking and feel like a true lady or gentleman.