Punk Rave

Violent Delights is proud to bring Punk Rave clothing to the UK - a brand of alternative fashion that is always at the front lines of the Gothic, Punk, Steampunk and Lolita subgenres and beyond, with an extensive selection for men and women.

From flowing velvets to elaborate jacquards, their carefully curated collections include coats & jackets that stun, shirts & waistcoats with flair, and skirts & dresses to die for.

Constantly evolving the origins of gothic style by fusing traditional elements of dark romantic, Neo Victorian Steampunk, and aristocratic elegance with post-modern styling and cutting edge fabrics for a truly unique aesthetic.

Always putting rebellious attitude and individuality first, Punk Rave's combination of custom detailing and deviations in style brings an authentic new energy to the classic Punk look; always pushing the boundaries of counter-culture and expressing individuality while never conforming to mainstream trends.