Dark In Love Chrysanthia Gothic Bolero Shrug

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Gorgeous new romantic gothic style bolero shrug by Dark In Love.
Crafted from semi-sheer black chiffon polyester, custom woven with a subtle pinstripe stitch and detailed with a unique, raised and textured cross-hatching pattern with delicate silver flecked finish.
Carefully selected fabrics meet exquisite tailoring in a cropped bolero shrug of stunning individuality, with no detail overlooked in the elegant metal floral hook fastenings at the bust and neckline or the intricacy of the embroidered ribbon trims to the collar and cuffs.
Beautifully fitted bolero with a contoured front cutaway, the statement sectional sleeves gently separated by a delicate plain fine chiffon mesh frill embellishment at the sleevehead.
Coupling a theatrical, Juliette-style puffed shoulder with long, flowing plain sheer chiffon flaring dramatically from the elbow and culminating in a sharp pointed cuff. Embellished with a ruffled mesh and ribbon trim at their meeting point to enhance and exaggerate the flowing lines and overall opulent and ethereal aesthetic.
100% Polyester.

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