Devil Fashion Talonice Gothic Filigree Chained Claws Bracelet

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Amazing new womens gothic/punk lace bracelet accessory by Devil Fashion.
Crafted from beautifully ornate black polyamide guipture lace with decorative beads and brooch, complete with delicate black metal chains and a full set of 5 fine filigree metal finger talons.
Elegant lace bracelet features tiny beaded sateen rose ribbon trim, adjustable with a metal clip and chain fastening. Embellished at the cuff with a statement brooch with dark glass gemstone centrepieces and encrusted with light diamante rhinestones.
Five attached black metal chains form an elaborate web across the back of the hand, each chain attached to a stunning black 5" (13cm) long fine filigree metal pointed claw finger ring.
Adds a unique twist of jet black darkness and decadence to any gothic outfit.

Sizing Information

LENGTH: 12 Inches / 30 cm